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5 Reasons to Love a Winter Wedding

5 Reasons to Love a Winter Wedding

We might be a little biased because we just love weddings in general, but winter is a very underrated time of year to get married. There are, of course, weather related issues to consider, but there are also so many benefits and unique little "fixes" that a cold weather reception might just be the day of your dreams. Think cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, and sparkling white decor - you might just find it irresistable.

1. Your wedding will be unique in style and on the calendar.

Winter is considered  off season for weddings, so you can expect some calendar-related benefits:

  • Off-season weddings are generally less expensive. If you're on a budget you'll get the most value in the winter months.
  • You'll have more dates to choose from. Winter isn't prime time, so your venue and vendors should have more availability.
  • Your guests won't have wedding fatigue. In the summer months, people can have weddings to attend weekend after weekend. But if yours is one of the few on the calendar, they'll be more excited to attend.
  • Your venue will likely already be decorated. You can save money on decor if your venue goes all out on holiday decorations.

In the winter months your wedding budget can go farther, you'll have an excellent opportunity to of secure the vendors and venue of your dreams, and your guests won't be suffering from dance floor burnout. Not to mention that (aside from Christmas) travel is usually less expensive for out of town guests. Hotels have more vacancy during the coldest months, so naturally the room rates will be lower.

2. Winter allows for fun accents and accessories.

The cold weather let's you layer up in style! So the options become endless - long-sleeved gowns, cozy velvet shawls, designer scarves, or flannel PJs for your bridesmaids to get ready in! You'll be toasty warm and uber stylish.

3. A HOT summer day can be a literal pain.

Ever been in formal wear on a 90 degree day with the sun is beating down on you? Or tried dancing in a tuxedo in 90% humidity? Uhhh. Not fun. Don't even get me started on sunburned shoulders in bridesmaids gowns. Having a winter wedding in a climate-controlled space allows all guests to comfortable and happy with no concerns about the elements.And because the sun goes down earlier, you don't have to wait to get the party started!

4 . Better photo opportunities.

In the summer months, sunset occurs so late in the evening, you'll be well into your ceremony and photos will be the last thing on your mind. During the winter months, with cinematic white snow on the ground and glittering snowflakes in the trees, Golden Hour happens in the afternoon when you're taking your photos - and that's when you get those magical amber-hued winter wedding shots.

5. Creative and Cute Winter Stuff

There are soooo many adorable winter-inspired elements to incorporate in your cold-weather celebration! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Have "To have and to hold in case you get cold" blankets, slippers or wraps for guests
  • An Espresso Bar where guests can order special coffee drink after dinner and get caffeinated for the dance floor
  • A hot drink station like a hot chocolate bar, or sip on cozy signature cocktails like spiked cider and hot toddies.
  • DIY winter them wedding favors. Or just give everyone a shot of Fireball during the money dance to warm them up!